Darklyn(Home of Artisan Jewelry)

This is the foundation which was initially started as Darklyn @ Magnolia on Magnolia Ave. Initially, it was founded to sell Wendy’s fine colored gemstone jewelry. After about a year people started inquiring about the ability to purchase strands of beads. So, we decided to try it and started to advertise beads and were overwhelmed with the response. It seemed that there were a lot of beaders in the county but no bead shops. This made us the first bead shop in Lake County. Business expanded rapidly and pretty soon we were outgrowing our nice little boutique. While Wendy was buying lunch one day she met a woman who had a store she wanted to sell. We looked at the store and decided it was just the size we needed for our expanding business. Thus the birth of Darklyn’s Beads & Beyond. Our goal is to have a competitive product that has a high quality. In this vein, we have acquired vendors supporting our philosophy. We buy all high end beads directly from India avoiding the middle man. Volume purchases permit the sale of quality products while still being affordable. Please stop in; I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Beads & Beyond

This is our retail store consisting of virtually 2000 square feet of beads and beading supply. Moving in March 2004, we strive to become the principal store in Central Florida for quality and affordable beads and findings. We offer natural stones and pearls approaching the price per strand of glass. During sales we have sold them as low as $3/strand (full length of 16”). Also, we carry Swarovski crystals due the popularity and quality of these components. As with the natural stones we try to carry quality and different products, expanding this line to include new shapes and colors. All our commodity crystals are the same price, regardless if standard or AB colors. we are trying to bring you the best quality at the lowest prices!

Studio DL

Studio DL was formed to facilitate a new facet to our business. During our stay at Magnolia an elderly man came in and suggested that we talk to Mrs. Kidd from Leesburg about buying her late husbands estate of lapidary equipment and stones. We contacted Mrs. Kidd and purchased same; now, we were hooked on rocks, etc. with the equipment and rocks of which we knew nothing, It then became imperative that we expand our knowledge to exploit our purchase. We attended schools on lapidary sciences and through “osmosis” we became somewhat astute in the science along with reading everything we could find. This knowledge is still being expanded. Teaching classes is a large part of the Studio DL curriculum. This started with beading classes at Beads & Beyond expanding into stone polishing. Requests were made for silversmith and other lapidary classes. Realizing that there was not room in the existing building to support this function, we looked for another building and found such at 101 S Eustis St. and Studio DL was born. Classes are now available in silversmith and lamp work.