Catalog Introductions

Darklyn Beads & Beyond & Studio DL

Let us first introduce you to our artisans and provide information about the construction of our products. First our artisans:
Wendy Davis- Wendy is an accomplished designer in the field of colored gemstones. Her experience is deep rooted going back to her childhood years where she first learned beading under the tutelage of her mother. Later she provided beading and design work at her parents jewelry store in Denver Co. After a period of dormancy, she revitalized these skills and started doing shows while winning several awards. From this she started the current store and still is the lead person in design details.
Raehn Davis is Wendy’s husband who is an engineer by trade but, upon retiring, he has provided support in the area of metal work for Wendy’s jewelry. He has created pieces that appear in the Silver section of the catalog.

It is through Wendy’s design and creative ability that we have our company motto “Creating tomorrows heirlooms today”.

The following is the specification for the design (unless otherwise stated) of all jewelry offered in the catalog:

  1.  All materials are natural with the exception of crystals which may be Swarovski products.
  2. All beaded products are built using professional, multi-strand stainless steel wire. This provides strength and durability while remaining supple.
  3. All applicable items employ SS crimp and crimp covers, providing a professional look.
  4. All components are either sterling silver, gold-filled, vermiel or karat gold. We do not use base metal or plated products.
  5. All created metal products are silver, gold filled or karat gold. Whenever possible we use Argentium silver. This is a relatively new product which contains germanium in place of some copper in the sterling silver. This produces a whiter silver which is less prone to oxidation. We consider this a superior product to standard sterling. there by trying to use it exclusively.

Sales conditions:
1. Shipping is free on all items over $50.00.
2. Items returned in “as shipped condition” within 15 (fifteen) days of shipment will be given full credit.

Definition of artisan work: Artisan work is jewelry designed (by a particular individual) with creative originality. The particular item is one of a kind (or certainly a limited edition). In the case where you are using natural material,the style of the piece can be duplicated but not the look as the natural material, by definition, is not exactly the same. This is because nature does not duplicate natural material; there will be variations in color and luster if natural. This is standard for natural gemstones.
It is this that gives the true beauty to natural gemstones.
Artisan work employs the use of quality materials. By using natural stones, the pieces are basically a deathless thing of beauty in that it will survive for many generations. Have you not received jewelry handed down from you grandmother? This is expected from any item designed by a true artisan.