Class Discriptions

Darklyn Beads & Beyond & Studio DL

Beads & Beyond & Studio DL are dedicated to teaching the lapidary arts. We offer a variety of classes,with special guest instructors in the various fields. All classes are available one on one. Some class sizes are limited due to projects. For all classes, Darklyn will furnish the needed tools and (in most cases)we furnish the materials. Most classes offer a completed project, so you can take home your finished work. Please contact us if you have any questions

Silver Smithing
All Material and tools are furnished. Class 1 is typically 6 hours. We will cover the tools, materials and chemicals used in this field. Then we will practice soldering before making the pendant.The remaining two classes are approximately  3 hours. The cost of each class is $75.  If you have the cabochons you wish to use, that is acceptable.

Basic Silver B1: Create a pendant by learning to cut, solder and finish silver and set cabochon stones.

Basic Silver B2: Create a ring by learning to cut, solder and finish silver and set cabochon stones.

Basic Silver B3: Create a bracelet by learning to cut, solder and finish silver and set cabochon stones.

Instructor- Raehn Davis

Chain Making

Instructor -Raehn Davis

We are now taking applications for chain making. These will be on a per class basis consisting of 4 hours each. Cost will be $60.00. Course will teach you the 2×2, byzantine and box links. There will be enough material supplied to complete at least one bracelet. The student should complete the 2×2 bracelet in the allotted time and do enough of the byzantine and box chain to complete on their own.

Lamp Work :

Lamp work bead classes are now available @ Studio DL. A 3 hour Basic glass class is now being offered for $75.00 . Basic safety, and a introduction into making beads. Classes are available Monday- Saturday @ least one day advanced notice is needed, and class size is limited to 3 people Call and let us teach you how to play with fire!

Instructor-Wendy Davis

Cabachon :

Have you ever wanted to cut and polish your own stone? An agate ? Jasper ? We offer cabochon classes, so you can cut and shape a cabochon from a slab, then learn to polish it on one of our machines. Cost is $60.00 and you will complete a cabochon in the 3 hour class. How about an Opal.? Opal polishing is also available @ 75.00 for a 3 hour class, plus the cost of the jar of opals. Jars starting @ $ 25.00 and up. A jar of opals and 3 hours of instruction, you will walk away with a polished opal  of your own. Our instructor Wendy Davis  will guarantee one opal out of the jar will be valued above the cost of the class.

Instructor- Wendy Dav

Raehn Davis

Basic beading:

Basic beading- In this class you will learn the basics. Design a necklace along with a pair of earrings. Use of tools, wire, components, along with basic understanding of the use of each. Fees are $75 including materials to make a necklace and earrings. All tools are provided for the class. Hand Knotting is available. Knot your pearls or that special strand of beads. Fees are $75 including 1 strand of pearls or beads. Advanced beading, this class will instruct you on the use of texture, multiple strands, and the interchangeable concept for jewelry. This class also is by appointment only. Fees are $20.00 per hour plus materials. All Classes offered by Darklyn Beads & Beyond are available one on one, and in groups. We try to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.

Instructor’s – Wendy Davis


Wire Wrap classes are available @ Beads & Beyond. In a basic class you will learn a bracelet. Understand the basic use of wire,and the use of the basic tools. Class fees are $30.00 plus the cost of the wire. Wire available in Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, and Copper.

More classes will be available soon , and we also hope to have some guests artist.

Instructor- TBD


Wire sculpture refers to the creation of jelewry out of wire. Peggy Rains our featured artsist is self taught and has been working with wire for about 2 years. Able to teach  begining to advanced. Classes are available only on Saturdays at this time . Cost is $30.00 plus the cost of wire. Wire available, Gold filled , Sterling Silver, & Copper.

Instructor-Peggy Rains